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Yuck – Reading Festival Review

NME Tent – 12:50
Saturday Reading Festival

Yuck are a band I’ve been talking about a lot since their debut album came out earlier this year, attempting to convince as many people as I could to listen to it, and earning them a few new fans along the way. So being incredibly fond of Yuck I took my place in the NME tent awaiting their performance. Opening with ‘Holing Out’, I began singing along immediately, and almost just as quickly realising I was putting a lot more energy into the performance than the band. This seemed to continue throughout the set, which worked for the slow, acoustic ‘Suicide Policeman’, but sadly just didn’t translate for the band’s high tempo offerings.

Yuck’s lack of stage presence was a big factor in a disappointing performance; they were possibly trying to emulate The Strokes, but failing. The problem for Yuck is they don’t have an incredibly successful back catalogue that the crowd will eat out of their hands, and certainly can’t command the stage in the same way that Julian Casablancas does.

Perhaps I missed something, or was expecting too much from them, but I definitely left slightly disappointed. Overall, they performed the songs well, but there just seemed to be absolutely nothing special about their set.

Highlight of the performance goes to ‘Get Away’, the closest thing to a sing-a-long Yuck achieved.




Author: david

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