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Strictly Hot Tracks: Swim Deep – Orange County

‘Orange County’ is the B-Side to the B-Town kings Swim Deep’s current single ‘Honey.’ ‘Orange Country’ is driven by a lonesome guitar and Austin’s echo brooding away the dreams of escaping to the sunny rich side of The Orange Country, miles upon miles away from grey-splashed Birmingham. If only Birmingham, sorry B-Town had its very own beautiful Summer and geeky Seth Cohen, have to wonder if this is the dream Swim Deep want for themselves; babes on the scale of Teen drama The O.C?

Once again Swim Deep have recorded yet another awesome B-Side, many bands put out less effort into B-Sides, Swim Deep are putting an equal amount of time and effort (dreaming) into all their recorded tracks. Little known fact: Swim Deep use a blow up swimming pool with a fair amount of sand when front man Austin records vocals, how very California.  Simone F



Author: Simone

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