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Reading 2012 Review: Savages

Feral and ferocious: there’s no other way to describe Savages. Their set is wild and haunting, but far more muscular and scraping than your typical indie-Goth fair. Savages play jagged post-punk, the type of music that crawls under your skin. They provoke shivers and fist pumps in equal measure, and yet there is something romantic about their playing. Even as they howl menacingly, there is something about this ghoulish all female London four-piece that draws the audience closer and closer in.

Their set is fiercely intimate and strangely energetic. “Husbands” is still murderous and biting, as the band mix the gloom of Joy Division with the seductive anarchy of The Pop Group. If the band seemed captivating on record, they’re infinitely more striking live. Jehnny Beth is front woman possessed, throwing herself in every last verse to bring each fearsome rasp to life. It’s not always comfortable, it’s not particularly approachable, but it is the most biting and brilliant set of Reading 2012. David Hayter




Author: david

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