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Reading 2012 Review: Pulled Apart By Horses

Saturday night, I swore something to myself. I will take Sunday easy. I’m not going mosh, I’m not going to jump around, I’m going to take it slow. Might sit down for a couple acts, and ponder music over a Tuborg (ha ha ha ha). Safe to say, 5 minutes into Pulled Apart By Horses set, I was breathing dust and wondering how I managed to get into this situation of being at the centre of the biggest pit.

Thank god I did, because there’s nowhere better to enjoy a Pulled Apart By Horses show. The crowd were getting seriously into them, as per usual. This was only helped by their dedication to crowd interaction, making sure everyone down from the stage felt like they were the complete focus of the band. Getting stuck in to it, Pulled Apart By Horses fired all the engines and brought their heavy rock sound to the people in a way only they can.

Bringing with them the loved tracks, “High Five..” and “I Punched A Lion In The Throat”, new tracks and the more revered oldies, Pulled Apart By Horses performed an energetic set, commanding nothing but full insanity from the active crowd. Quite a feat for the first band on the last day, but they managed it. From the blood curdling crowd screams of “VENOM!” all the way to the Conga Pit during “High Five..”, they proved once again why they’re quickly becoming Reading & Leeds’ new favourite house band.

One last thing – that bassist has serious knees. Did anyone else try doing the high jump to knees thing he does? It hurts. William Sorenson



Author: david

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