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Reading 2012 Review: Proxies

Discovering this band when exploring the BBC Introducing acts in the weeks coming up to the festival,¬†Proxies¬†certainly have a cool, individual sound on Youtube, so my friends and I were looking forward to seeing how they’d fare live. We left Paramore after ‘Decode’ to check them out, we ventured back to the BBC stage and waited for their appearance. A band consisting of (mostly) pretty ordinary looking teenagers, somewhat akin to maybe Young Guns or You Me at Six in demeanour, we waited eagerly to hear them jump into their very small back catalogue.

They played the songs featured on their Youtube page, but their sound has something missing. ‘Trojan’ sounds bland, only bolstered by the incredibly zany bass player, sporting the most ridiculous apparel and posed in a strange pop-punk stance for almost the whole set. He proves entertainment for the small crowd around us, with a huge smirk smeared across his face as he blasts out loud and fast bass-lines. The set seems pretty naff until they play their main song – ‘If I had a penny to my name’. This is a great song for anyone into the whole punk-pop/electro overlap, something like Enter-Shikari-meets-All-Time-Low. The main criticism of this song is the absence (or lack of volume) of the synths that form the crafty little bridge in the song. The guitars and the rock sound seem to overpower the electro – the balance that they have achieved on their online recordings sounds much more appealing than the bland sound they are exhibiting. It is also worth noting that they have improved the mix on the Youtube video of their performance, which is definitely improvement. I think that they have a great sound on record, and undoubted potential, but their sound was wrong when playing live. Whether this was down to sound engineers, sound techs, or the band themselves, I hope their live experience improves because their ear for melodious, interesting music bodes good things for this band. Jack Alexander



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