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Reading 2012 Review: Kid Koala

I went to this out of sheer curiosity. It was the afternoon, nobody was on. I and a collection of other random people (mostly the lost or too drunk to care) gather in the tent to amass a small but interested crowd. Donned in a man sized Koala outfit (he lost a bet) Kid proceeds to instantly win us over with his effortless charisma. Mixing a blend of turntablism, blues, hip-hop (to be honest pick any genre you want, he threw it all out there).  Highlights of the set were his beautiful reworking of ‘Moon River’ casually bridging into Slayer. In an industry that is saturated with computer glitch dance, it was nice for just 40 minutes to see a DJ crack out the vinyl, go old school and still enthrall the crowd. Through a cheeky grin and incredible talent he injected some seriously good vibes into the tent. Although one couldn’t help wonder if this would have amassed a bigger crowd at night in the silent disco? Adam Grylls



Author: david

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