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Reading 2012 Review: Jake Bugg

A recipient of a large amount of, what is known in the industry as, Hype; Jake Bugg has garnered a small following in what could potentially be the next Ed Sheeran explosion. With a number of nice songs under his belt, the young lad from Nottingham could be looking at an enjoyable music career ahead of him. This review is done on the basis of his Special Guest Set performed on the BBC Introducing Stage, because unfortunately I couldn’t attend his Festival Republic Performance. However, this shouldn’t matter, as he is an acoustic artist as it stands, so the only difference in the set should be the increased number of curious, casual listeners. He plays his better known songs, Country Song screams Bob Dylan influence, and his raw, genuine sound is endearing to say the least. In an acoustic market currently dominated by the cheesy one-liner-pop of Ed Sheeran and the shakey, soft sound of Ben Howard, Jake Bugg offers a rough-and-ready alternative that fluctuates between the slow and mellow, and the aggressive and upbeat. Taste It is a catchy sing-along, and people around me know the words. However the finest moment comes in the form of his most popular – Lightning Bolt. An excellently written song which is effectively only written with two sections, this one gets all the fans singing and has most people either dancing or nodding their heads in time. A very interesting choice for a Special Guest slot, although he didn’t make a massive impact on the weekend, he certainly helped his progress as an artist, and could well be on the way to cult-worship, or possibly even mainstream popularity. Can I see him ever headlining Reading? Probably not… but if Melvin’s into him, then maybe Latitude some day…Jack Alexander



Author: david

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