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Reading 2012 Review: Friends

There’s nothing like a bit of sassy funk to wake everyone up on a Friday morning and get the entire festival in the mood for a party. Well that’s the theory at least, unfortunately, Friends are too ragged and slapshot to truly satisfy. They are fleetingly enticing. “Friend Crush” glides divinely and despite an array of screeching vocals “Mind Control” is still an absolute riot live. Sadly, their sound never quite fulfills its potential, when it needs to flit between the slender and the sumptuous (“I’m His Girl”, “My Boo”) it feels thin, giggled and lightweight.

Samantha Urbani is still a charismatic force, and she dives into the crowd and bounces across stage with regularity. It’s enough to hide some of the band’s live deficiencies, but until she musters some vocal poise, Friends will remain a great club band, unprepared for the cavernous confines of the NME Tent. David Hayter



Author: david

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