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Reading 2012 Review: Every Time I Die

Their Reading debut has been a long time coming but Every Time I Die released the album of their lives this year and the metalcore pacesetters are throwing all of themselves into every show on this tour. The Buffalo natives’ smart riffing and sharp wit is dulled somewhat by the sound conditions but the movement shared between band and crowd is electric and the muddy sound allows perhaps the best part of their show to come to the fore: bruising, agonising slowdowns. Like many of their songs, new cut ‘Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space’ runs the full spectrum of speed and when the tempo drops, ETID make the most by dropping it real fuckin’ low. The diehards eat it up and even the casual fans seem visibly taken aback by the power of it all. This is one of the heaviest sets the festival’s seen in recent years; couple it with unstoppable energy and genuine gratitude for the rabid reaction, expect these guys back sooner rather than later. Ducan Geddes



Author: david

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