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Reading 2012 Review: DZ Deathrays

Bloodstreams. Great Album. Listen to it. Take Pulled Apart By Horses, remove two members, throw a synth in there somewhere and you’ve got DZ Deathrays. Playing the Festival Republic tent quite early in the afternoon on the Sunday, DZ didn’t have the greatest slot on the bill. Peering into the tent as I arrived, a sparse yet passionate crowd has assembled. Belligerent chants of “DZ, DZ” await their appearance onstage, and they greet their crowd with the warmth they always do. For a two man band, they fill the stage remarkably well – okay, it’s only the FR stage, but still. A huge mosh pit forms, possibly the largest of that tent over the weekend (although I’d only be guessing), and swathes of teenagers bounce into each other in what’s to be just under half an hour of indie-rock-mashup-madness. The four or five rows of people at the front are all bouncing with faces expressing jubilation, those standing may look miserable but there’s clear universal foot-tapping going on, and needless to say those in the pit are having a good time. A great set that offered something different, a more youthful perspective on the festival, they played an assortment from their debut album, the best received probably being “No Sleep”. And of course, at the end, obligatory stage dives abound, with the crowd flocking to greet their sweaty performers. All round a nice set, the dreary Sunday-afternoon feel was maybe the only thing that brought it down a bit, but a great, surprising set from the lads.┬áDZ Deathrays



Author: david

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