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Reading 2012 Review: Dog Is Dead

We are a mess, we are failures, and we love it!’ bellow Dog Is Dead, and their swarm of devout, Aztec-clad fans to breakthrough single Glockenspiel Song. The London hipster 5-piece treated the Festival Republic stage with their pleasing assortment of whimsical tunes. The bouncing, high-spirited crowd appeared from nowhere to treat the band to a triumphant Reading debut. However, substance and intelligence have been sacrificed for punchy hooks and behemoth choruses on their newly released effort All Our Favourite Stories as it seems inevitable that the NME stage beckons. But with such magical tracks as Two Devils and Young that Dog Is Dead it’s hard to begrudge them that. And besides, they have a saxophonist. Saxophonists are cool. Joe Pape



Author: david

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