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Live Review: The Kills (Glastonbury, The Other Stage)

The Usually Unflappable Allison Mosshart Struggles In The Sun, pic: Gary Wolstenholme

The Kills
16:30, Saturday, The Other Stage.

Ah my sex band. I walked over while Jessie J was sitting on a Beckham-eske throne ‘singing’ with mud splashed across her face and a child in a pink coat on her knee. Worst 10 minutes of my life and people love that kind of shit? Pop acts talking between each song? No one cares, play your record then shoot off. Small talk is OK, but I don’t really care about whatever the rest you were yapping about. Well the huge crowd walking away after Jessie J finished said it all really, my own words where ‘go shoot off to Tinnie Tempah kiddies.’

Anyway, I was quite worried about The Kills playing the Other Stage in the daylight when I first laid eyes on the line up. Both dressed in black (no other way), The Kills are a dark feisty indoors band, and well, yes I did enjoy the set but I felt they were a little lost, I was a little lost.  Outdoor stages are not really The Kills scene. The chemistry was not the same, nor was the atmosphere.

Squinting with the sun in her eyes while the sun blew in Mosshart’s face, the only interaction with the crowd was the odd ‘Thank you’. This is how bands should operate, simple small talk; no ‘I love you guys’ pfft.

The set did start off rather sluggishly as they played to a small crowd for a band on the Other Stage (oh right, Tinnie. Got’cha) but once “Future Starts Slow” kicked in the crowd started to sing along. They managed to claw themselves back, playing in front of the leopard print background that I crave like an addict on crack.

The vocals may have sounded a little weak and lost in the air but with Alison flinging herself dramatically around the stage while Jamie coolly played, you could forgive them a tiny bit.

Strictly Our Opinion: Neither Jamie nor Alison are comfortable performing outside, mid afternoon, maybe they should have suffocated themselves for a tent stage at a later time in the day. If you had never seen The Kills before I would highly recommend checking them out in the NME tent in August, it shall be dark and full of flashing lights. Don’t dismiss them as of yet,

as a huge Kills fan, I did walk away knowing that this is by far one of the weakest sets I have ever seen them play, largely due to their unfamiliar surroundings. [2.5/5.0]



Author: david

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