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Great Albums Off The Beaten Track: Mclusky Do Dallas

Mclusky – Mclusky Do Dallas

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that I don’t appear a very malicious or aggressive person, but I do think that there’s a screaming, drooling, anxiety-ridden weirdo with bloodshot eyes, soiled jeans and a nosebleed inside all of us. If this inner shouty wreck formed a band, it would sound like Mclusky. While this magnificent second LP ‘Mclusky Do Dallas’ didn’t make much of a dent when it came out, the more I listen to the best parts of up-to-11 guitar music, the more apparent it is that it really has blasted a crater.

Despite making a point of not taking themselves seriously (they made up an oft-repeated fake back story involving bass player Jonathan Chapple urinating on the other members’ tent) it’s hard not to be totally drawn in by the music itself. Take the opener, the bewilderingly named ‘Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues’ in which Andrew “Falko” swings from sneering to excited to angry to terrified with frightening speed. Falko himself has a strong case for being one of the all-time great punk frontmen, whose lyrics are as slimy and unpleasant as they are smart. The one slow moment on the record comes slap-bang in the middle of the record in the form of ‘F**k This Band’ in which they deliberately send themselves up over murmured basslines, second-guessing critics with lyrics like “F**k this band cos they swear too much, It’s an obvious ploy and they’re irresponsible”. Elsewhere, however, it’s full-on squealing snarling noisy punk of the very best kind.

If someone swears all the time, the swearing becomes meaningless, but Mclusky make every eff and blind feel like a black eye. The guitars are so sharp and rusty they could transmit tetanus while the rhythm section is the kind that’ll make your teeth buzz and grind if you’re at one of their gigs.

Mclusky have, annoyingly, split up, but the three members do still make music separately (the most successful being Falko with The Future of the Left), but as long as there’s an angry, foul-mouthed nervous wreck in all of us, ‘Mclusky Do Dallas’ will remain fantastic. Joe Hill



Author: david

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