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Frank Turner (Secret Set) – Reading Festival Review

Frank Turner,
The Lock Up Stage – 20:00
Sunday Reading Festival

The (not so) secret set on the lock up stage this year was filled in by Frank Turner, much to the surprise of just about nobody. But as Frank Turner hit the lock up stage, he was greeted in a very positive manner from a crowd that didn’t seem to get enough from his main stage slot.

The set was filled with some old favourites that don’t seem to get into the setlists anymore such as ‘Back In The Day’ and ‘Nashville Tennessee’. From these offerings, although Turner and band didn’t leave out the casual fan, it seemed that the set was designed at pleasing the more hardcore fans, but without leaving out the casuals.

The music itself was up to Turner’s usual high standard, and the crowd loved every moment, and at least from where I was standing, they sang along to every word. The one moment that could have gone either way was towards the end when he covered ‘Somebody To Love’ by Queen, but this went down incredibly well, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

Overall, it was a great performance, and it was especially nice to hear a few of the lesser played songs. A few set staples were left out, which may have disappointed some, but in fairness that was what the main stage slot was for.




Author: david

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