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Capdown – Reading Festival Review

The Lock Up – 18:55,
Saturday Reading Festival

It’s fair to say that when seeing a live performance from any band, having a good time is the number one priority. Some bands rely purely on their music to blow the audience away; whereas others try to interact with the crowd, making them dance, jump, or have a ‘good ol’ mosh’. Capdown are one of those unique bands that do both.

At 18:55 the Lock Up stage had an array of people who were ready to see the blokes from Milton Keynes blow the roof off Reading Festival one more time. And oh boy, that’s just what they did. The hardcore punk/ska sound of Capdown was back at the festival with a big bang. Classics such as ‘Ska Wars’, ‘Bitches and Nike Shoes’ and ‘Cousin Cleotis’ alongside some older/lesser known tracks drew one of the craziest and most lively crowds of the weekend.

The perfect sharp sound of the saxophone and the rugged vocals from Jake Sim-Fielding created an energy that had a raw Punk feel to it. The energy reflected straight off of the band, into the crowd, turning any and every single spectator into part of the act, ensuring that everyone had a good time. Which is precisely what Capdown is all about.




Author: david

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