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The Kills Announce Huge Date – Details & Preview

Allison Mosshart and Jamie Hince, The Kills to you and me, have announced the biggestt show of their career’s so far at London’s Brixton Academy on the 3rd of December. The one off show is designed top off a busy summer of festival dates and finishing their 2011 tour, which includes dates at Brighton’s Concorde 2 and Manchester’s Warehouse Project, with a bang.

The Kills are part of the furniture at Reading and Leeds. They represent entire festival’s ethos perfectly. They’re dirty, sleazy, sexy, sticky, and minimal. The don’t have the grand allusions of other bands, instead they play nasty rock and roll, casting aside pomp and pageantry without sacrificing their undeniable stylish and sexy minimal chic.

A mechanical sparsity defines their best work, everything echoes and resounds in a chilling and entirely unsettling fashion. The brilliant “Supersition” sounded like Johnny Lee Hooker blues, down tuned to within inch of its life, played by the bastard offspring of Pere Ubu and Einsturzende Neubauten, and sung by a female Iggy Pop. There’s a straining yearning brilliance to the dou’s debut albums Keep On Your Mean Side and No Wow; with an awkward mix of lust and frustration making them skulking indie classics overnight.

With a dismissive but eternally enticing sneer and a churning procession of riffs, The Kills outlived their garage-rock revivalist counterparts in the early-2000s; returning in 2008 with the ludicrously sexy Midnight Boom. An album that was viewed as a divisive departure by fans and critics a like. It sounds crazy in hindsight that with such a paltry sonic palette, and such an ardent commitment to musical primitivism, could depart anywhere, but The Kills managed it. Midnight Boom mixed the Kills flair for industrial scrapes and sears, with metronomic dancefloor beats, blurbing riffs, and handclaps. Allison Mosshart for her part changed positions, less the straddling ecstasy and disappointment, and more a droll Debbie Harry rolling her eyes across the dance floor. Love it or hate it, The Kills Mk.II conquered indie discos up and down the nation with the irresistibly ironic “Cheap And Cheerful” and “U.R.A Fever”.

The Kills re-emerged in 2011 with Blood Pressures, Allison Mosshart had been off touring the world with Jack White and The Dead Weather, and her return to her day job thankfully didn’t feel like an afterthought. Instead, she return to Jamie Hince, who had been having adventures of his own (albeit the romantic kind), a changed woman (or vocalist at least). Allison now sounded smooth, she hadn’t lost her edge, but found a new angle of assault. “Future Starts Slow” sounded bigger, more streamlined, more poised, and more professional. Yet rather than sending decidedly scruffy Kills fans running to the hills, they were enticed by a sound that brought together everything that had made The Kills such a rock’n’roll institution, transforming the ramshackle two piece into the type of act that can headline Brixton Academy in their own right.

Tickets for the Brixton date went on Pre-sale today and will be available for general sale on 9th September from www.gigsandtours.com

UK Live Dates :

14th October 2011 – Brighton Concorde 2

15th October 2011 – Warehouse Project – Manchester

3rd December – O2 Brixton Academy



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