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Strictly New Bands (No.59) Wolf Alice

Location: North London

Wolf Alice consists of Ellie Rowsell, Joel Amey and Joff, the trio have been floating around on people’s lips (aka the inter-web) since the first half of the year, but only most recently have more people started to investigate further into the band, thanks to support slots around London.

Wolf Alice first came together after bonding over Ray Bans and their love for burgers and have recently changed their music style. The Band wiped their entire bandcamp page and declared this as a ‘clear out’ – a sure sign, the band was heading into a different musical direction, having been more acoustic based before.

Wolf Alice new sound is has been heavily stripped down to create this wonderful life of peddling lo-fi swirling folk melodies, while lead singer Ellie Roswell vocals bounce from one note to the next beautifully over the melodic knee crumbling guitars, while staying as close, yet so far away from the band’s earlier folk material. Listening to Wolf Alice brings patterned waves of uncalled for delicate emotional, with intelligent lyrics, that should be revised over and over again, you can’t help but breathe the words ‘pure perfection.’

The debut single ‘Leaving You’ is laddered in brainwashing harmonies swept away with broken romance lyrics, massive addicted, we all love stories about Holloway Road, don’t we? Simone F

Buzz: Self described ‘’Psychofreak poprock’’ kind of band

For Fans Of: Swim Deep, Lost Fiction, Cry Monster Cry

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Author: Simone

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