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Strictly New Bands (No.58): Angel Haze

Location: New York via Detroit

Fatherless and raised by a single mother, on the surface Angel Haze appears to have the typical Detriot rap backstory, but delve a little deeper and you’ll uncover something far more intriguing. Her mother found solace in the hands of a peace and love cult. Religious fanatics raised Angel Haze until the age of fifteen, cut adrift from popular culture. Her re-education started with corny rap singles but soon evolved when she was introduced to Eminem’s expressive, and often destructive, verse.

Haze was hooked and after a four year crash course she’s already confident enough to lay claim to New York City (“I Run New York”). Assuming her backstory is genuine, Haze has incredible natural gifts, her rhyme schemes and sonic diversions are too far reaching to be simple facsimile. Her pop singles are less impressive (“Chi (Need To Know)”), but she brings the fire every time she steps on a minimal beat. Don’t believe me, just check out her devastating freestyle over Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like”.

“New York” is sensational. A intermittent thudding blast of bass punctuates a hop-scotch-handclap beat that instantly recalls 60s New York and kids playing in the street. It’s the perfect marriage of innocence and menace; you can imagine the steely Angel Haze dark prowling and safe guarding the streets she owns. “Werkin’ Girls” is even starker, pounding bass and percussive snaps provide the mood, and Haze’s speedy dexterous verse supplies the rhythm. With two of 2012’s hottest tracks under her belt it’s not just Azealia Banks whose been put on watch, Jay-Z might want to sneak back to New Jersey. Between Angel Haze and Mykki Blanco the face of New York City’s rap scene is changing. David Hayter

Buzz: The latest and possible greatest female MC to shatter the glass ceilling.

For Fans Off: Azealia Banks, Nicki Minaj, A$AP Mop, and Lil Wayne.

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