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Reading 2012 Review: Niki & The Dove

If the Festivals of year’s past were defined by the down-tuned clang of guitar, then Reading 2012 signature sound is the deep thud of bass. Sweden’s Niki & The Dove toe the line between Reading’s past and present perfectly; they can be gothic spectrres one moment, and brazen dancefloor conquerors the next. “The Drummer” captures this conflict perfectly, as they duo fall somewhere between Zola Jesus and Grimes.

The crowd are certainly game, respecting the hushed lows and bouncing through the searing highs, as the set builds around a series of predictable highpoints. “The Fox” stands proudest as melody and bass line join forces to ignite the FR Tent. If there’s a criticism, it’s that the sailing is a little too smooth. They lack the dynamism of their peers, and as such, they struggle to truly stand out on a jam-packed line up. David Hayter



Author: david

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