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Pulp Make Live Return

Pulp played their first gig since 2002 in Toulouse last night to rave reviews, giving us the first glimpse of their potential summer setlist:

1. ‘Do You Remember the First Time?’
2. ‘Pink Glove’
3. ‘Pencil Skirt’
4. ‘Something Changed’
5. ‘Disco 2000′
6. ‘Babies’
7. ‘Sorted For Es & Wizz’
8. ‘F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E’
9. ‘I Spy’
10. ‘Underwear’
11. ‘This Is Hardcore’
12. ‘Sunrise’
13. ‘Bar Italia’
14. ‘Common People’
15. ‘O.U. (Gone, Gone)’
16. ‘Countdown’
17. ‘Joyriders’
18. ‘His ‘n’ Hers’
19. ‘Acrylic Afternoons’
20. ‘Mis-Shapes’

Strictly Our Opinion: First things first, this was a Pulp show, not a festival show, so we can’t 100% assume that this is the Pulp summer setlist and it is at least 7 tracks longer than a co-headline slot would normally have room for.

The first big observation is that “Disco 2000″ has made it’s way back into Pulp’s setlist after being frozen out during Pulp’s final run. This is great news as it should make for one of the summer’s biggest sing-a-longs. This is the equivalent of Blur putting “Country House” back in for Glastonbury.

Outside of that fans should be ecstatic at the sight of “This Is Hardcore”, “I Spy”, “Babies”, “Underwear”, “Mis-shapes”, “Pencil Skirt”, “Do You Remember The First Time”, “…Es and Whizz” and of course “Common People”. ┬áThese are big tunes and should make for an anthemic set if they make the cut.

Either way there is enough there to appeal to a broad number of fans, however, personally I’d like to see “Help The Aged”, “Razzamatazz” and “Lipgloss” added to the setlist. Blur played all the hits and I get the feeling that’s what people are after this Summer, let’s hope Pulp deliver.



Author: david

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