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New Music: Muse – “Unsustainable”

Dreaded Dubstep! Blasted Brostep! Un-Subtle Satire! Just some of the alliterated anguish that greeted the hype vignette for Muse’s brand new album, The 2nd Law. Lots of fans were very excited too, but no one wants that to get in the way of a good whinge.

“Unsustainable” is finally here, in full! So we can all overreact and…well there’s not all that much to react to. “Unsustainable” is largely an instrumental jam that combines a slow build string section, so over dramatic it’d make the Torchwood cringe, with a bruising guitar beat-down. It’s more of a mood setter than a full track in its own right. Muse are going for a 28 Days Later level of intensity but end up in campy BBC mini-series teritory, as Matt wails and a robotic voice grunts “Unsustainable”.

Don’t worry, it’s definitely mosh-able, but with “Unsustainable” and “Survival” leading the way, The 2nd Law appears to be on perilous footing.



Author: david

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