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New Music: “Martians vs. Goblins” – Tyler The Creator vs. Game (feat. Lil Wayne)

Tyler The Creator is back and he’s teamed up with the Game as Martians and Goblins go to war. The beat is sick, and well Tyler’s rhymes are a little tired, even though his delivery is sublime as always. The Game on the other hand is pretty embarrassing, he doesn’t get it, and his attempts at shock-rap are horrific. Jokes about tilling Rihanna (yawn) and raping Erykah Badu? Really? Of all the targets you pick Erykah?

Regardless it’s still a fun little track, my only regret is that Lil Wayne didn’t step up and take on Tyler, free form of the wall rhymes vs. Tyler’s vile vitriol would have been a great contrast, The Game’s fake aggression just doesn’t cut it.



Author: david

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