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Melvin Benn Answers Forum Questions

Melvin Benn responded to a series of forum questions and opinions on YouTube today. The questions were frank and so were Mevlin’s answers as he legitimately answered the questions of long time Reading goers (including three of my questions about sound quality, vertical screens and Indie/rock).

1) In the first video Melvin answers questions on the line up, the NME tent, rock and metal music, new screens for the Main Stage and Real Ale:

2) In the second video Melvin discusses the possibility of streaming the festival live on the Reading Website.

3) In this video Melvin answers practical questions about Toilets, water pumps, traffic, cups and food prices.

4) In the finally video Melvin discusses if and why the Festival sold out, and addresses that nagging issue of payment plans and why the tickets and line up are announced so late.

Strictly Our Opinion: Good on Melvin Benn for legitimately answering our questions, it’s hard to complain and we don’t intent to. The biggest news will undoubtedly be Mevlin’s announcement that the announcement will definitely have happened by Mid-March. Bring it on.



Author: david

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