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Future Rust, And Future Dust #53

Morning/Afternoon/Evening (please delete where accessible) this week I come in one third ginger, and with blood shot eyes. Currently in the process of a hair change, this time next week I shall be a ginger ninja hopefully without the mountains of red circling around the heavily blinded eye make up. Thankfully this one time the sun being out is great for hiding away under sunglasses (I carry three pairs daily, just In case).

While most have been suffering from post Reading(and um Leeds) blues, I have been busying slaving my ears away to bring you the best of the best indie songs (for the newbies I apologise in advance, I rumble about fumble alot).  Time to roll up those jeans and show some ankle; are you ‘aving it large? A phrase I find highly disgusting, as disgusting as, well, builders who believe they have the right to whistle at females like dogs (some are), but it’s rather hilarious when you show them the long finger, to their shock horror. Go whistle at the females promoting their bodies with low cut tops, with their short skirts, slightly degrading when covered from head to toe in a non-Burka kind of way – must tell Santa I require this. And on that note…


The Vaccines versus Two Door Cinema Club

The two most in demand bands of the past year have gone head to head – the first of many guitar band who will be releasing albums coming this month – although this is no Oasis/Blur moment or even a pathetic Vaccines/Brother moment. This is two squeaky clean indie bands that both have gathered much press from NME and become the teenage favourites. The Vaccines Come Of Age is a growth record for the band, like leaving college and heading out to the big world of University with influences of old school rock n roll, the band did promised ‘evolution, not revolution’. On Beacon Two Door Cinema Club have stuck to their catchy cringing youthful sound, only this time the lyrics shine with maturity. I am team Vaccines all the way, if you disagree lets mind slag each other off  ‘your momma is so……’

The Vaccines covered American Country darling Taylor Swift’s song/hit ”We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ for Radio Ones’ Live Lounge. I have never heard the original therefore can not say wherever The Vaccines did a better job, but with Freddie Cowan’s high pitched backing vocals, I say The Vaccines nailed it. The video recording shows Freddie having the most fun, making me uncontrollably giggle, Freddie, what will the cool musical family say? The Vaccines have once again proved themselves to be too cool for err High School. Have to sneakily confess I may have listened to this cover more times than I should ever admit to. Watch the clip here

Song Of The Week: 

I had to flip a coin for this title, in my head FRAFD Song Of The Week is big, bigger than a Mercury Award Nomination, that big, and the winner is…

Palma Violets – Best Of Friends

‘Best Of Friends’ is the debut single from one of Rough Trade’s newest signings Palma Violets. After various psychedelic clips ended up on YouTube, and with high expectation and chats from industry types, they justified their buzz with an appearance on the Festival Republic Stage. Even with very minimal online presence, the band packed out the tent. Their energetic twenty minute set showed the industry, all the hype around them is beyond justified, Palma Violets are the future Indie kings, and my! Don’t they know it. ‘Best Of Friends’ sees ever confident bassist Chilli take on lead vocals sounding a little underground 2012 Clash-Casablancas, with guitars that will have your underwear uncontrollable humming away. The official ‘Best Of Friends’ music video just sweat swaggers - Palma Violets are a band after London’s heart.

Palma Violets have just announced a staggering twenty-something date October UK Tour - this is your chance to see the band within their full toilet scene glory. New EP Best Of Friends comes out October 21st, but you can buy ‘Best Of Friends’ right now, what are you waiting for? Go wet your underwear, I am waiting. Facebook / Website / YouTube

The Scribers – Queen Of Hearts

After attendance at Birmingham’s Mac Centre One Beat Sunday (festival) back in July I discovered a hidden indie gem in the style of fresh meat band The Scribers, the band were on pretty early, lucky for me I had perfect vision to stare the band inside out (dirty habit I have), and jungle my shoulder from side to side while the head and legs were uncontrollable jittering to the band’s perfect blend of guitars, vocals and drums.

Think a mixture of Jamie T on vocals while The Maccabees are laying their young souls down while being charmed by FoalsThe Scribers may be influenced by those bands, but their own sound is the perfectly uniquely mysterious and brooding.  For a relevant young band The Scribers are tightly formed in all musical terms, a skill many older bands fail to posses.  ‘Queen Of Hearts’ is the new song from the B-Town alternative band, be prepared for some musical awesomeness, can you tell how much I enjoy? Twitter/ Facebook/  Soundcloud / Tumblr 

Jaws – Donut

While on the topic of Birmingham bands, Jaws have internet released their B-side to Toucan Surf, also available to download now (must have). In typical Jaws/B-Town fashion ‘Donut’ also resembles all things sun-laden, dreaming of a place to escape, the sound of fizzy pop being let free over the Californian beaches with tons of babes (cringe word, yet required word.)

‘Donut’ is more guitar feisty than their previously released songs, making it one of my Jaws favourites – there I said it. B-side ‘Donut’ is better than the A-Side ‘Toucan Surf’ almost as cool as The Holy Cat CD demo case.  The sun is shining, and Jaws are playing, life is good as were Jaws  last Thursday at Shoreditch’s Old Blue Last supporting Wolf Alice and B-Town leaders Swim Deep.  I have not seen The Old Blue as packed and buzzing as it was for the Vice’s Magazine Launch Party, the place was crawling in industry types, band members, music fans and a rather enthusiastic Spector front man Fred McPherson. Jaws front man Connor barely lifted his eyes from the floor, no matter the band shined, with their fuzzy pop in the dark décor infront of an adoring crowd. Facebook / Soundcloud / Tumblr - Excuse me while I lose myself in my fourth play.


Escapists – Northern Lights

Escapists were a personal Reading Festival highlight for me; they swept the rest of the BBC Introducing bands under the grass (lame) with their epic (another cringing word right there) guitars and laid back clean cut sweaty stage presence. Escapists were made for festivals.  Their early stuff sounding like when Kings Of Leon were cool in the Blues-y days. ‘Northern Lights’ is the B-Side to their equally brilliant ‘Burial’. Thankfully both are hugely instrumentals with sing along catch-a-line choruses. The band recently released the music video for the heart pounding ‘Northern Lights,’ after declaring their playing Reading Festival was a career highlight. I for one, will be stalking the hell out of these guys from this moment on. Facebook / Soundcloud  P.S still sorry for the awkward pouty stares. 

Have you had enough? I most certainly have, this is goodbye until next week, the indie junkie is done.

Simone  F

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Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/iTunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you)




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