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Fan Rant #2: Green Day Secret Set at Reading Festival

If you’re one of the many idiots complaining about missing out on Green Day playing a secret/surprise set at Reading Festival then I have one picture that should suffice




Obviously it won’t suffice because if you are one of the moaners, you’ll still think the world owes you something. I’m going to use some of the guff I’ve been reading from Facebook

Quite frankly these “surprise” bands are stupid on many accounts, not least the great amount of hazard it causes to have such a band in a small tent. And not announcing them first hand is just plain shitty to fans and the people who actually paid money, which entitles them to everything the event has to offer.

What the actual fuck? What fucking hazard? Do you think there’s going to be a terrorist or an outbreak of AIDS? At every single festival ever, health and safety would close off the tent in the first insta… why the fuck am I even bothering with this point? Not announcing them is part of a secret/surprise slot. People bought tickets knowing exactly what to expect. Not getting something you never thought you’d get in the first place and bitchin’ about it is as dumb as you can get… no wait, there’s still more

ppl are moanin because everyone should been able to see them an They couldnt simple!

Everyone (within the limits of a tent) could have saw them if they could get the number one and add it to the number one again. I knew they were playing as did my friends who went to sleep at 4am last night having drunk a bottle of rum. If you didn’t know they were playing but yet managed to find access to the internet quick enough to drone on then screw you. What kind of Green Day fan are you? Lemme tell you whilst you’re still trying to add one and one together. It makes you a shit one.

It’s a surpise, a present, a secret. There are probably a plethora of reasons why they couldn’t be on the main stage and it’s literally none of our business to ask why. It’s actually none of our business to ask any questions around anything to do with a secret set because the organisers are going above and beyond what we expect of them. No matter what happened, there would be massive fannies crying left, right and centre. How many of you actually know Dookie anyway? Did you know they actually did stuff before American Idiot?

There’s more updates to this to come but the stupidity of it all has caused me to eat some nachos. Stay tuned.



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