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Exclusive Horrors Interview

The Horrors are set to make their eagerly awaited return this summer with a headline slot at Reading and Leeds, and the follow up to 2009’s NME album of the year Primary Colours; the as yet untitled album is set for release on XL Recordings in the Summer of 2011.

We managed to grab The Horrors’ synth player (on Primary Colours) and bassist (Strange House) Tom Furse (Cowan) for an exclusive interview about the Reading and Leeds Festival line up that’s got everyone talking, for all the wrong reasons.

Hiya Tom, first things first.

Do you see playing opposite Beady Eye and My Chemical Romance as a blessing or curse?

As far as I see it, they’re playing opposite us. I hope they don’t mind the pressure.

Do you have plans to see any other bands over the weekend?

I’m going to see The Vaccines, I’m not sure who else is playing apart from that.(Tom’s brother Freddie play’s guitar in 2011′s most hyped band The Vaccines)

You guys are known for having great taste and knowledge of music past and present, can we expect another radical shift in sound for your new album?

The sound has definitely moved on but it’s important that people understand this is not something we sit down and decide to do, we just get in a room and play music together and what comes out is usually a representation of where we are individually and musically at that point. That even changes over album sessions. The stuff we were writing at the start and all the way through to the end was constantly evolving. The first song we wrote for this album is going to be the first single, it was finished in a day and it sounds totally different to anything we’ve done before.

What are you listening to at the moment? What bands, past and present, are capturing your imagination right now?

John Lennon’s solo albums were a revelation, so they’ve been on a lot recently, especially his more heart felt numbers. All Things Must Pass by George Harrison has some killer tracks on it too. Stereolab’s BBC Sessions blew me away recently also.

You have a strong history with Reading despite being a relatively new band, can we expect any surprises or anything special from your headline slot?

You can expect an extremely strong set of music that makes the hairs on your neck stand on end. That’s pretty special.

You don’t play much materiel from your first album live these days, fans are split on the issue, but now you are no longer touring Primary Colours can we expect a more mixed set list?

I think we’ll do what we can to please everybody but unless people want to stand through an hour and a half or two hour set (I know I hate that) then they might just have to live with what we can play in that time. We’re fast moving people and the past is a fun place to visit sometimes but the future is where all the exciting stuff is and that’s where we’re focused.

And finally

Team Reading or Team Leeds?

I don’t take sides but Leeds has a tendency to be a bit more wild. Northerners know how to party. Reading has some very special memories for me though so I’m abstaining from Team Anything. Team Sweet Potato? Team No Rain? Team Horrors!

I agree, Team Horrors all the way.

The Horrors will be Headlining the Festival Republic Stage on the Friday at Reading, and the Saturday at Leeds.



Author: Simone

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