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Top Festival Tips #1: Go The Long Way Around

Look I’m not exactly a beacon of physical perfection let alone a testament to the power of hard work, but if I’ve learnt one thing over the course of 40+ Festivals (seriously 40 plus) it’s this:

A Little Bit Of Extra Work Goes A Long Way!

For example say your favourite band is about to take to the Main Stage, resist temptation, when you enter the main site, do not just charge straight down the left hand side (stage right). Instead, take an extra five minutes, swing round to the ¬†extreme right, the crowd will be thinner, you’ll get an incredible position, you won’t be forced too far wide, you’ll cut in, and you’ll get excellent sound quality.

The same is true of the NME Stage, don’t just lump in at the back and think “ah I’ll just work my way to the front”. Stroll round the outside, cut in at the far side, at the front, and get in front of that barrier. Don’t be stuck 150 rows back in a jam packed, sweaty soaked middle when a bunch of disinterested fans are enjoying oceans of space and an incredible view at the front. Do that little bit extra.

The same is often true for food and beer: Just finished watching a great main stage set? Fancy a beer and a burger? Well don’t just pile into mile long queues side of stage, stop and think. If the band’s are still on in the FR tent or Lock up, pop up the far end and grab what you need, enjoy the space, eat your food, and then get stuck in.¬†David Hayter

Hope this helps!



Author: david

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