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The Top Ten: Kasabian vs. At The Drive-In

This week saw the line up announcement for the Reading & Leeds festivals and while it is always an exciting time seeing which of your favourite bands have made the bill, it turns bitter-sweet when you realise that you have to deal with a clash.

This year, in a line up that, it has to be said, contains little to really excite me, I find myself torn between Main Stage headliners Kasabian and newly reformed post hardcore outfit At The Drive-In.

Both have huge appeal. Kasabian have had a fantastic few years with numerous no.1 albums and huge singles earning the band the chance to headline Reading and Leeds for the first time, whilst At The Drive-In reunited this year for the first time since their split at the peak of their success in 2001.

A tricky decision has to be made, and to help you, maybe as much as it may help me, here’s how their top tracks stack up.

10. At The Drive-In –  “Metronome Arthritis” 

Taken from the EP Vaya which marked the band’s musical development from their album In/Casino/Out into their later sound on Relationship Of Command. It’s a fantastic track with a strong bass line accompanying a plucking guitar riffs, synth sounds, and the typically strained vocals of ATDI lead singer Cedric. As for the meaning of the song, your guess is as good as mine, but one of the best things about At The Drive-In is their lyrics and the way they are always left open for your own interpretation.

9. Kasabian – “Where Did All The Love Go?”

The state of modern society is the subject of this track from the band’s third album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. Whilst the song didn’t do very well in the charts (reaching just 30) I think lyrically the song is completely on point and relevant while the vocals are certainly decent, especially on the  very catchy chorus.

8. Kasabian – Club Foot

“Club Foot” was the first track I ever heard from the band and liked it straight away. This song taken from their debut album Kasabian opens with a cool bit of riffage before bursting into a loud, in your face track oozing with the swagger we’ve now come to expect from the Leicester lads.

7. At The Drive In – “Transatlantic Foe”

Taken from In/Casino/ Out this track is one of the best to demonstrate the middle ground between At The Drive-In’s first and third albums. It’s a really interesting song which is brilliantly structured, soft slow vocals and crisp riffs are quickly broken into fast guitar distortion and aggressive sounding vocals. It was a sign of what was to come from the band while still retaining aspects of their original sound.

6. At The Drive In – Star Slight

Taken from their first album this song is quite different to what we’ve become used to with the band’s later album releases, but none the less, this is a really fun song. With verse and chorus being sung at the same time it makes “Star Slight” an interesting track vocally while the tune is driven by a fast drum beat and crisp guitar riffs.



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