The Top 5 Punk Albums Of 2012 So Far…

Editor’s Note: June has come and gone, and we’re officially half way through 2012, and in keeping with traditional we’ll be asking our writers to name their top 5 albums of the year so far. However, unlike 2011, this year we’re getting our specialist to dive into each genre pop/dance, rock, indie, punk, metal, rap, and alternative with genre specific countdowns..

Strictly Punk’s Adam McCartney is up first, enjoy!

With six months down here are my picks for the top punk records so far in 2012

5. The Fatal Feast – Municipal Waste

Are they punk? Are they metal? Well, they’re noisy and fast! Municipal Waste are such an over-the-top act and the silliness is turned up to 11 on their space themed album The Fatal Feast. The title track is the slowest, most melodic thing the band have ever recorded but the rest of the album is ludicrously fast and what you’d expect.


4. Days Go By – The Offspring

The Offspring have become a band of diminishing returns and are unlikely to ever nail their mid to late ‘90s peak but Days Go by is still a solid record in my books. Some songs are tame and pedestrian but opener ‘The Future is Now’ has some chest hair while the two closers ‘Dividing by Zero’ and ‘Slim Pickens Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb to Hell’ have that driven Offspring signature sound. Oh, and the re-recording of Dirty Magic ain’t bad either.

 3. Comet – Bouncing Souls

The Bouncing Souls might well have been the template for number 2 act The Menzingers and their 2012 album Comet is more of the same brilliance from the Jersey four piece. The Souls have a sound that they do better than anyone and this is another classic record.

2. On The Impossible Past – The Menzingers

The Menzingers Epitaph debut is a heartfelt melodic tour de force. There’s a slight urgency throughout while at times the guitars soar (‘Freedom Bridge’) and other times they are sparse (the title track) and the vocals are on the fine line of being strained; this is a beautiful record.

1. All Or Nothing – Pennywise

Punk record of 2012 so far? Comeback of 2012 so far? (ahead of Van Halen even!) All or Nothing genuinely amazed me. Pennywise sound like a band half their age on their latest LP and it seems new vocalist Zoli Teglas might be a major factor. Tracks ‘Let Us Hear Your Voice’ and ‘We Have it All’ are real fist pumping anthems but the whole thing is exceptional.