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The Top 21st Century Reading Bands No.99: Mastodon

99. Mastodon

21st Century Appearances:  2006 Main Stage

The Defining Reading Moment: Setting Off Multiple Midday Circle Pits In ‘06

Sporting an unhealthy obsession with the Elephant Man, Mastodon, the US progressive powerhouse, received the accolade of having written one of the most important recordings of the decade in 2009 for their track “Blood and Thunder”. Winning multiple #1 and #2 reader polls in Kerrang, Metal Hammer and Revolver magazines for their 2006 album Blood Mountain saw the band’s tracks gracing multiple video games while Mastodon recorded a film score and toured as the main support to Metallica, amongst others. In short, 2006 was Mastodon’s year, and they cemented that fact with a blistering set on Reading’s main stage, and that qualifies them for inclusion here. Fox James

2006 was a strange year at Reading, My Chemical Romance were bottled but battled on, Slayer underplayed by 10 minutes, Placebo’s lost their sound for the best part of  10 minutes, and Mastodon had the dubious pleasure of kicking off this day of mishaps and glitches. Eyebrows were raised, Mastodon were incredibly critically acclaimed, Leviathan and Blood Mountain were the talk of the metal world, but would a bunch of Reading fans who paid to see Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand really go for it? You better believe they did. Circle pits and sandstorms were story of Sunday morning at Reading Festival. David Hayter



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