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The Top 21st Century Reading Bands No.100: Run-DMC

100. Run-DMC

21st Century Appearances: 2001 Main Stage

The Defining Reading Moment: Signing Off In Style And Securing Their Rock Legacy

The self proclaimed kings of rock they may be, but there can be no doubting that Run-DMC were hip hop royalty. Hailing from Queens, New York, the rap trio consisting of Dj Run, DMC and Jam Master Jay were prolific in the mid to late 80’s with numerous critically acclaimed albums. However it wasn’t until a collaboration with Aerosmith which reworked the rock band’s hit ‘Walk This Way’ that the group started gaining greater commercial success and cross over appeal.

A singular showing for the band in 2001 will most definitely be the last time that they grace Reading due to the slaying of the groups DJ, Jam Master Jay just over a year after they took to the main stage. With Jay the name Run-DMC died and that places the group, and their 2001 set firmly in the ‘I wish I was there’ category as the act who bridge the gap between rock and rap signed off at the world’s greatest rock festival. Lewis Lowe



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