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The Top 100 Reading Bands Of The 2000s No.90: The Killers

90. The Killers

21st Century Appearances: 2008 Headliner, 2005 Sub Headliner

The Defining Reading Moment: Without A Sound Issue In Sight The Killers Defy The Critics Proving Their Worthy Reading Subs in 2005.

The Las Vegas Indie Rockers hit the UK scene with the 2004 release of the now classic album Hot Fuss. It was followed up with 2 more successful albums Sam’s Town as well as Day And Age. With a mass of sing-along hits that everybody knows, whether they’re a fan or not, ‘Mr Brightside’ ‘All These Things That I Have Done’ and ‘When You Were Young’ to name but a few, this band are the perfect addition to any festival. They’ve had two major appearances at the festival over the years, including a superb headline slot in 2008, and that makes The Killers a must for this list. Craig Brooks

Hindsight isn’t always helpful. Today people complain that The Pixies were too small to headline and that The Killers should have stepped up, but frankly that’s nonsense. The Killers came into Reading 2005 with a genuine point to prove. The Killers weren’t 2011’s chart conquering super men, they were an unproven indie band taking one of the biggest slots on the Festival circuit. They were mocked, we were told they’d be eaten alive by Queens Of The Stone Age and Pixies fans, but when push came to shove, The Killers knocked it out of the park. Helping to make Friday at Reading 2005 one of the most memorable in history. David Hayter



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