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The Top 100 Reading Bands Of The 2000s No. 58: The Cribs

The Cribs

21st Century Appearances: 2010 Main Stage, 2008 NME Stage Headliner, 2006 Main Stage, 2005 NME Stage, 2004 Carling Stage

The Defining Reading Moment: Going from a chaotic mess to accomplished main stage superstars with their stunning set in 2010, highlighted by striking reading of “Be Safe”

Indie band The Cribs are all about keeping it within the family. Three brothers, two of which are twins, Ryan and Gary, stand along side younger brother Ross Jarman.

The Cribs were one of 2002′s cult bands being held with The Libertines in an exciting expanding genre. Almost ten years on, The Cribs are still floating about with four perfectly raw  albums. 2004 saw The Cribs release self titled album, The Cribs, following it up with The New Fellas in 2005, Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever in 2007, then their latest 2009 smash hit Ignore the Ignorant. Each album creating extra die harder fans to match of their already strong fan base, created by the bands intense touring when they first made waves in home town Wakefield.

‘Hey scenesters!’ ‘I’m a realist’ and ‘Moving Pictures’ are now the perfect indie sing along classics, they will always get people shouting along and spilling their ciders.
2008 saw The Smiths Johnny Marr take his place along side the brothers. Three years later he said goodbye. The same year The Cribs headlined The NME stage to chaos, blood and sweat. The Cribs are known for their unpredictable messy gigs, headling the NME was just this. The Cribs are one of very few bands to have worked their way up the stages at Reading and Leeds. This is why The Cribs sit quite comfortable in the top 100 bands of the 00′s. David Hayter



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