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The Top 100 Reading Bands Of The 2000s No. 56: The Horrors

The Horrors

21st Century Appearances: 2011 Festival Republic Headliner, 2009 NME Stage, 2007 NME Stage

The Defining Reading Moment: Topping off a fantastic year by headlining the Festival Republic stage in front of a bevy of blinding lights with their haunting garage goth psychedelia.

Back in 2005 when Southend post-punk band The Horrors first appeared, most thought they were just this scary looking pipe jeaned goths, with lots of hair, band. They quickly became known for shouty lyrics, thumping keys and ridiculously chaotic shows. Broken noses, bloody body parts all over the place.

2007 saw debut album Strange House and The Horrors become NME cover stars helping them create a fanbase of non-Dalston types. Their debut was loud, messy in your face The Grumsomes. Pure Garage Rock. Most thought The Horrors would fade away but 2009 saw them release Primary Colours with the ever amazing song ‘Sea Within A Sea’ instantly become one of the nation’s favourite. Primary Colours was the dark moody horse, laid back, no need to even move, key-infested record. A stark contrast to their shouting in your face debut

Even now The Horrors are still this dark shouting band but fast forward six years and The Horrors latest album Skying, is one of 2011′s greatest albums. Faris can now sing, while the other members have finally discovered the ability to use their instruments to create this this big ball of loud chilling sway, expressing the influences of the bands ‘habits’.

The Horrors went onto to headline this years Festival Republic stage. Armed with a ridiculous amount of lights, a Vaccine, members of The History Of Apple Pie and a soon to be discovered band Advert bouncing on stage. Simone F




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