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Strictly Punk (vol.9)

Greetings and Salutations,

And a happy February to you all too!

One Fucked Up Chinese New Year

Punk as a genre isn’t usually one for long thought out elaborate plans, but releasing a 12”, one per year in time with the Chinese new year, is well, a little Fucked Up. Out there Canadian hardcore act Fucked Up have been releasing new 12” inch records in keeping with the new lunar year. So far their zodiac series has seen the release of The Year of the… Dog, Pig, Rat & Ox and now this month we have, The Year of the Tiger. $1 from every sale will go to saving the tigers… curious to see how they get on saving the dragons in a couple of years time.

Download Announcement

Finally… the punk has come back to Download! But seriously, this week’s Download announcement finally comes good with some decent punk acts. Canada’s own Billy Talent and the Chicago made Rise Against have both popped up on the rock and metal festival’s bill. Both bands have played Donington before (Billy Talent 2009 and Rise Against 2008) and the two bands were Reading 2009’s Lock-Up headliners.

Judging from the current incarnation of the Download bill poster Billy Talent will play the Friday Main Stage while Rise Against will go head to head with metal lords Black Sabbath as the punks are set to headline the Sunday night second stage. Roll on June!

Blink-182 back to writing

This week Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus has been talking about writing and the possible roots of a new Blink-182 album. No clues were shared as to the sound of the album or even the sound of what he’s been writing but he’s sure what he’s working on will go towards Blink-182.

I’m sure these will all be Blink songs at the moment. I don’t have any plans to write songs with anybody else right now. If I do, it’ll be a collaboration or a one-off thing, but everything I’m writing right now is for Blink-182Mark Hoppus talking to the NME. 

Let’s hope the album cover doesn’t look like it was Xeroxed on the office printer to save on ink at home.

When Colectomies go bad!

Spike Cassidy, founder member and guitarist with D.R.I. is currently convalescing in hospital following complications with a recent colectomy. Cassidy’s recent colectomy and the complications following it are just the most recent of his treatments. The New York native has suffered with health problems for years after being diagnosed with colon cancer back in 2004 for which he received chemo and radiation therapy. A one foot length of his lower intestine was removed in 2006 and still ill health has plagued him. Needless to say these recent happenings will surely impact the band’s touring commitments and it also goes without saying that I wish the man a fast and as painless a recovery as possible.

To learn more about colectomies (if you really feel the need) check out this link:


And Finally…

It’s 33 years to the day (2nd February 1979) since John Simon Ritchie AKA Sid Vicious died from a heroin overdose. He couldn’t play bass for toffee but RIP you little urchin.



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