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Strictly Punk (vol.8)

Buenos Dias!

January is proving a long month as always which is always a tough start to a year but this week in punk news it’s been literally murder!

Murder Most Horrid

Until now Canadian all girl punk band Pantychrist’s closest thing to a criminal record was some of their dated Riot Grrl songs but now their lead singer, Danielle Delottinville, has been arrested on the charge of first degree murder alongside two men, George & Matthew Cooke.

The three suspects were arrested on Friday for the murder of Jessie Kovacs, 55, a retired antiques dealer on the 19th of December and the murder has been reported as possibly the result of a burglary gone wrong. Punk goings on rarely make such news but so extreme was this story that my own mother told me about it after it cropped up in the Daily Mail!

Studio Time!

On a lighter note (than murder) some acts must have made the New Year’s Resolution to “call into the studio more often” in 2012. Frank Turner and Hot Water Music have both been tweeting week with the former Million Dead front man demoing 15 new songs before going for ‘a curry and a pint’ while Hot Water Music have entered the studio to start work on their first LP since their reformation. It happens to be the very same studio in Denver that Bouncing Souls have travelled across the States to start work in this week too. All of this can only point to some quality records coming later this year.

No Room for (Punk) Rockstars

Punk rock movie No Room For Rockstars (dir. Parris Patton) made its world premier at the  Slamdance Film Festival for independent films in Park City, Utah this week. The film documents the on goings and antics from the 2010 Vans Warped Tour, the premier touring punk festival which criss-crosses North America every Summer. The final film was whittled down to a 103 minute runtime from over 300 hours of footage which focused on the trials and tribulations of bands, the fans and everyone backstage too.


The after party had Forever Came Calling open for Against Me!, the latter of which showcased 3 new tracks ‘Black Me Out’, ‘Dead Friends’ and ‘Osama Bin Laden as Christ’.

The entire Against Me! Set can be found here: http://www.stickam.com/viewMedia.do?mId=192735796&pId=147042

And photos from the event can be found at the Vans flikr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vans1966/sets/72157628994204781/

Top Five Punk Rock Movies

The release of this film got me to thinking… what are the greatest punk rock movies? Defining just what makes a movie ‘punk’ isn’t so easy so I’m not going to get bogged down with semantics and definitions so here are my picks for you to pick apart like the vultures you are:

5. Tank Girl (1995, Dir. Rachel Talalay)

Based on a strip from the British comic Deadline Tank Girl was most definitely an out there, kooky and alternative movie (though strangely my straight laced sister went and saw it at the cinema…) and its soundtrack featured the likes of Devo, Joan Jett, Hole and Veruca Salt.

4. 24 Hour Party People (2002, Dir. Michael Winterbottom)

Principally following the rise and fall of Factory Records, Tony Wilson and the ‘Madchester’ music scene of the 1980s 24 Hour Party People starts its journey in the punk era with the Pistols and Buzzcocks popping up… literally! Buzzcocks founder member Howard Devoto pops up breaking the fourth wall.

3. Another State of Mind (1984, Dir. Adam Small, Peter Stuart)

A documentary film following fledgling bands Social Distortion and Youth Brigade on their first North American tour together back in 1982. Fellow punk legends Minor Threat also crop up in the film as the bands lurch from trouble to disaster before finally calling it a day.

2. Sid & Nancy (1986, Dir. Alex Cox)

Sid & Nancy is the biopic about the iconic Sex Pistol and his fellow doom-bound girlfriend Nancy Spungen. Chameleon-like acting legend Gary Oldman puts in a sterling performance as the anti-hero urchin.

1. Idle Hands (1999, Rod Flender)

A Day-Glo late 90s comedy horror which starred Devon Sawa and Seth Green and featured The Offspring as its house band, Idle Hands also had a bitchin’ punk soundtrack with The Living End, The Vandals & the aforementioned Offspring showing up and making noise.



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