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Strictly Prediction Competition – Win Gig Tickets

Fancy winning a pair of tickets to a gig of your choice worth up to £40 (£20 per ticket)?  Well if you do, you simply have to put your predicting hat on and name 15 acts that you believe will be announced by Reading & Leeds Festival on 12th March.

The winner will be the person who correctly guesses the most bands. In the event of a tie the winner will have his name drawn out of a hat (or a bowl with torn up bits of paper more likely).

We intend to offer a second and third place prize (promo-goodies similar those offered in our Tribes competition) but we won’t be able to confirm the details or existence of these bonus prizes until closer to the March 12th date (so stay tuned).

The winner will be named on 14th March, and you can enter any time between now and the 11th March.

If the announcement leaks early, as it did in 2012, all entries that occur on the day of, or after the leak, will be discounted.

So if you want to enter here’s what you do:

  1. Send an Email to [email protected]
  2. In the title line write “Prediction Competition”
  3. List the 15 bands you believe will be announced on the 12th March
  4. Include your First and Second Name
  5. And finally, if you do not want your name published on site (in the event that you are named the competition winner) please indicate this and include a pseudonym or screen name that you would be happy for us to publish (nothing inappropriate please).


  1. List your 15 choices on our Facebook page under the link to this article.

It’s that simple. Good Luck everybody!



Author: david

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