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Strictly New Bands (No.7): Babe Rainbow

Babe Rainbow

Location: Vancouver, BC. Canada.

Babe Rainbow is the latest artist to dwell behind a laptop making frustratingly hard to define electronica. Post-dub step is banded around across his scarce and undernourished internet profiles, but that’s hardly accurate. While the Canadian’s music certainly lurches and clicks on occasion, Babe Rainbow’s sound actually falls somewhere between the gorgeous electronic noise of Four Tet and Oneohtrix Point Never and the cut copy and paste grooves of DJ Shadow.

When caught live, BR is revealed to be a silkily smooth operator manipulating enveloping planes of electro noise, creating big swirling slabs of haunting alien abstraction, only to bring it all crashing down to earth with a 90s hip hop beat, a snatched pop vocal or some darting rhymes.

He’s certainly no James Blake, and this isn’t dub step, but it’s not truly ambient music either, and when crammed in between Oneohtrix Point Never and avant garde up and comer Helm,in the live arena, it quickly becomes apparent that Babe Rainbow lives between the extremes. Neither mellifluous ambience or abrasive experimentation, BR instead offers something smoother, more approachable, less thrilling, but nevertheless intriguing. His greatly promising Endless Path EP is best seen as a slick gateway record for intrigued newcomers en route to deeper cuts and more challenging territory. David Hayter

The Buzz: Babe Rainbow distills the stark edges avant garde electronica down into a smooth and enticing package that can be thrilling in it’s own right.

For Fans Of: DJ Shadow, Four Tet and Pantha Du Prince.

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