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Strictly New Bands (No. 6): Tribes


Hometown: Camden, London

Tribes are the new The Libertines style Camden heroes, minus the tabloid frenzy and supermodels scandals. Tribes sort of formed after one member tried to steal another member wallets, and they bonded over their love for early 90′s music and of course the holy musical mecca Camden. Little know fact most of the band were originally members of the band Operahouse. Don’t say we don’t spoil you. 

After declining to be known via word of month (no Internet presence), it happened. London’s underground indie scene went crazy, word spread faster than an Australian bush fire. Friends were handing demos out to pass along, who were then passing them on.  Basically Tribes were the Chinese whispers for a while. Months later they were signed to Island records, now with their own spanking new website and huge Internet presence. You have to adore the record labels don’t you? A band from the streets straight into the top dogs laps. Even their heroes Pixies invited them to the play at London’s Troxy. Another little fact for you. 

Tribes all started with the ever mind blowing Nirvana stinking demo ”Whatever’‘ dripping into a heavy melancholic cast away sing along. From the word go, you could smell the glory and ambition. Second single ‘’Sappho‘’ deserves a memorable mention, not only for it being a firm favourite, massive live sing along and nostalgic grungy ripping guitars, but also purely for the amazing tranny music video.

Thanks to Island Record, Tribes recorded the ultimate lad rock four-track We Were Children EP. The title song ”We Were Children” is layered with belting guitars, quacking drums and air punching lyrics, the encore of all sets. Just mind blowing anthems. ”Girlfriend” provided yet another massive gig sing along. Quit air punching, put your arm around your neighbour and smile.  Just pure drumming guitar happiness.

Tribes even had time to slip away from the fun to record the hummingly acoustic and lightly soulful ”Coming Of Age,’’ which samples lead singers Johnny’s incredibly charming voice. Tribes are not about moodiness and stage awkwardness; Tribes are all about the smiles and the putting the fun back into guitar music. Simone F

Buzz: If like me you were too young faced to have been around in the 90′s for The Libertines lad rock craze. Leach onto Tribes, they’re the future of dirty Camden rock n roll. Tribes may not change rock forever like Nirvana but for the time being let’s have fun and swing our Red Stripes in the air.

For Fans Of: The Libertines and sweaty Camden pubs.

Website: Tribesband

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Author: Simone

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