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Strictly New Bands (No.52): JAWS

We played @ The Rainbow last night in Birmingham with Swim Deep, Heavy Waves and a load of other cool bands/singers. It was cool apart from one of out guitars breaking, shout out to Cameron from The Fading Lights for lending us his for the rest of our set! We’ve sold a load of CDs and have like 10 left so get in touch if you want! JAWS x


Hometown: Birmingham

Breed in the Midlands, JAWS are Connor (front man, guitarist), Eddy (drummer), Alex (lead guitarist) and Jacob (bassist). The band started after Connor posted demos on Soundcloud before recruiting the rest of the band from college, reaching up to the thousands within a week. The blogspace went a little wild.

Having played their first live show at Camden’s Barfly earlier this month, alongside Bleech, JAWS have already created a buzz despite playing less than a handful of gigs. JAWS are going to the must see summer band, we can only hope Festival Republic get a whiff of them and place them, they truly deserved a chance.

Last year saw Oxford creating an arts scene, they later went onto call themselves ‘Blessing Force’, creating so much buzz, but most of the bands involved are yet to emerge outside of Oxford’s little postcode. Whereas JAWS, are one of many great emerging bands coming from the Midlands, not so cult, and hopefully they’ll never name themselves as a group and they’ll prove to be more action than talk. Birmingham is where it is right now in terms for indie music, catch JAWS play plus many of Birmingham’s latest hot talent are newly created one day festival called ‘One Beat Sunday.

Demo ‘Cameron’ was only charmed on to the internet back in January and has already reached more than 2,000 plays, for such a young band, and the internet being the first play for many newly formed bands, this can only means great things. ‘Cameron’ is passionately convicted with jangly reverb guitars and organs. WU LYF would be massively spurting jealous rants, ‘Cameron’ draws a WU LYF comparison, only with JAWS, the lyrics can be understood, more chill than showing off. The next demo up is ‘Holy Cat’ which bounces into Californian stone-era. Latest demo ‘Daze’ is just that, dazing in summer, heartfelt nostalgia, melting away in a land of day-dreams. JAWS along side Swim Deep and Peace, are the key midlands bands to be aware of, once they storm, they will storm, and we here at Strictly are more than appreciative of bleeding new music. Simone F

Buzz: Birmingham’s day dream gone California

For Fans Of: WU LYF, Beach Fossils

Website: JAWSJAWSJAWS & Soundcloud



Author: Simone

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