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Strictly New Bands (no.40): Jaguar Shark

Jaguar Shark

Location: Guildford

Jaguar Shark are a four piece alternative/shoe-gaze rock band based in Guildford named after the animal that ate Bill Murray’s partner in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, which certainly  makes for an interesting first introduction to the band. But if that doesn’t do it for you, let the music do the talking.

Jaguar Shark produce a sullen, yet atmospheric sound akin to My Bloody Valentine, in a noise rock meets post punk fashion that is beautifully executed.  This then turns when listening to ‘In Case Of Fire’, which takes an upbeat attitude that approaches disco, if you go to discos curated by Robert Smith or The Horrors that is. Benito Mussolini is certainly a highlight from the early listen to the EP so far; oddly reminiscent of The Who’s ‘Baba O’Riley’ at first, slowly altering into a Sonic Youth style jam that is completely transfixing.

The band are nothing if they aren’t dark, morbid, and any other synonym you can find relating to those two words, but don’t make the mistake of just reading teenage angst into that; you’d be massively mistaken if you do. The bands musicianship is hard to fault, and easy to get lost in; when they let all inhibitions disappear, what is left is a huge sound that encapsulates a variety of different influences in some wonderfully sculptured songs.

The band have a hint of Horrors to them, as well as the likes of Sonic Youth, Joy Division, and The Jesus and Mary Chain as cited influences. It can only be good when you read that. Kyle Prangnell

The Buzz: Jaguar Shark will be soon releasing a video for their first single ‘Primrose Hill’, and an EP to follow.

For Fans Of: My Bloody Valentine, Jesus & Mary Chain, Sonic Youth and Joy Division.

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