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Strictly New Bands (No.4): Friends


Location: Brooklyn, New York

Between itno and Strictly I’ve very much become part of the hype train for Brooklyn’s ultra-cool, but disarmingly charming, Friends. Over the last few months Friends have layering gorgeous melodies atop wonderfully low-fi and murkily ethereal arrangements, but fear not, they aren’t some grimy garage art-punks, instead they’re making the most gorgeous pop songs on the indie scene right now.

Embracing the smooth melodic hooks of the best 90’s r’n’b and the slick white funk of the late 70s/early 80s, and tying it to a thoroughly modern indie aesthetic they’ve createf a sound that’s both utterly seductive and inescapably melodious.

Friends are certainly striking, Samamtha Urbani is a slinky, sassy and undoubtedly sexy frontwomen, who exudes character in the live arena, and who hops between defiant sass and endearing dependency lyrically, making songs about stable relationships exciting and sexy in their own right.  The rest of the five piece are your typically shaggy, 80s tinged New York hipsters, but that only makes the contrast with Urbani all the more interesting. Lesley Hann is certainly no slouch, and no less eye catching on bass, and live the band bring a raw enthusiastic and quasi-amateurish charm that give their smooth hits plenty of ragged punch, which oddly recalls the Red Hot Chili Peppers of the late 80s.

Friends are undoubtedly ones to watch, they’ve already amassed quite the reputation and are a must see at Lexington and XOYO next year. David Hayter

The Buzz: Sexy, sassy and deliciously mired in an arty haze, Friends are giving lo-fi indie its groove back.

Website: Lucky Number Music

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Author: david

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