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Strictly New Bands (no.38): The Wild Mercury Sound

The Wild Mercury Sound

Location: London

Named after Bob Dylan’s much quoted description of his landmark double album Blonde On Blonde, The Wild Mercury Sound have worked hard to earn their burgeoning reputation by gigging hard in both London and Paris. The band are certainly a tantalizing proposition, marrying endearing wide eyed songwriting to slamming  guitars and the inspiring sweeps that Arcade Fire helped to populize.

The Wild Mercury Sound have continually drawn comparison to Bombay Bicycle Club but they have a real flair for surprising detours. The brilliant “Slow” starts with a pounding skyscraper guitar work and slowly migrates towards the icey plains and stadium chimes of War period U2. The diffuse tones swell together and crash against one another in a suitably satisfying fashion, and just as it seems TWMS have settled into a sedate vocal pattern Benji Compston unleashes a straining scream.

The band’s first official single “Miss Frost” is a little more conventional using a chilling riffs to build to dramatic conclusion that contrast Benji’s traditional romanticized vocals with the intensity of the guitar work. It’s certainly not hard imagine indie hearts swooning to the beautifully delivered lines; “If I Write You In A Song Would You Stay There? If I Drew You On A Page, Will You Wait There” *faints*.

The band have cited Radiohead, Arcade Fire and Brand New as influences, and the truth certainly lies someone in between; The Wild Mercury Sound  are a band with a chilling stadium riffs, dreamy vocals, and some serious post-hardcore punch – now that doesn’t sound half bad does it? David Hayter

The Buzz: Steve Lamaaq loves them and so will you.

For Fans Of: Bombay Bicycle Club, Arcade Fire, White Lies, and a smidge of Post-Hardcore.

Website: Homepage & Live Dates



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