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Strictly New Bands (no.35): Worship


Location: Reading

We have no shame in saying that Strictly New Bands is impart inspired by Paul Lester’s fantastic New Band Of The Day column. So it’s only natural that today’s Strictly New Band, Worship, were discovered at Paul Lester’s own NBOTD event at the Camden Barfly. A night of great new music and relaxed banter that included performances from Bos Angeles and Big Deal that was topped off by a headline set from Worship.

As a band, Worship stood apart from the low-key singer-songwriters and ragged lo-fi outfits with which they shared the bill. In fact, Worship felt entirely out of place at the Barfly. Worship’s booming echo laden sound was designed to coat the wide open canvases of cavernous arenas. Still, the more confined surroundings didn’t stop “House Of Glass” sending chills down spines.

Favouring the rich atmospherics and super serious mood pieces Worship sounded like a more compact, and frankly more down to earth, Editors. White Lies may be the more natural comparison as the band ape New Order just as readily as they do Joy Division. The band aren’t afraid to experiment either, “Distant Sirens” contrast Radiohead’s skipping post-Kid A percussion with a serenely sterile soundscape and a healthy dose of Depeche Mode synths. The band are at their best live, when the rhythm section thunders into action. The drums pound and drive Worship onwards demanding hand claps at every turn. They already have an effective and engaging sound, Woship may be one or two big hooks away from an illusive breakthrough. David Hayter

The Buzz: With their evocative soundscapes may just be the next Editors.

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