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Strictly New Bands (no.34): Django Django

Django Django

Location: London via Edinburgh

Naming a band is never easy, but Django Django must have known exactly what they were doing when they opted for doubled douse of Django Reinhardt. After all, nothing says grating hipster quite like naming your band after the hot jazz innovator (and trust me, working for a guitar magazine no name is more frequently or pretentious dropped than that of Djano Reinhardt).

The name may be off putting, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun to say, and nothing encapsulates this band better than that name – knowingly clever, brazenly intricate, but morosely enjoyable, Django Django are an absolute delight.

“Default” bristles, stomps and whirrs with an awkward cloying energy. Like Hot Chip before them, Django Django create precision engineered slabs of art pop – a little nerdy, a little sardonic, plenty ironic, and giving off that air of quick-fire amateurism that could only be the product of relentless perfectionists. The brilliant “Default” was resuscitated relatively recently; the band had been sitting on this gem in demo form for the best part of three years. It was nearly left to rot and gather dust, but instead the band salvaged it, re-recorded the guitar parts, and uncorked one of the hottest singles of recent years (easily topping their similarly brilliant single “Wor”).

“Waveforms” and “Drumforms”, the band’s two other easily available works, are less immediate but no less subversive. The gorgeous restrained harmonies of “Waveforms” are enticing natural counterpart to static buzz of the track’s electro-soundscape, while “Drumworks” succeeds as playful instrumental counterpart.

Edinburgh and London’s Django Django are fiendishly clever and funny bunch, one of 2012’s most intriguing propositions, let’s just hope their debut album (due 30th January) delivers. David Hayter

The Buzz: After a long three-year gestation period Django Django are ready to conquer indie pop hearts.

For Fans Of: Addictive 60s Inspired Psych Pop.

Website: Myspace

See Them Live: XOYO February 27th



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