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Strictly New Bands (No.33): Grimes

Hometown: Montreal, Canada

Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, is a visual artist from Vancouver who moved to Montreal in 2006, where she became part of an illegal DIY loft culture where she became a prominent member of the art and music scene. This is where Claire got involved in mixing punk and pop music together using psychedelic elements, but she calls her music  “post-Internet”; she would work her magic within the comfort of her very bedroom. Grimes is the under the radar electro-pop female, why does she stand out from the rest? Her half-hearted ghostly vocals which weave in and out of her dark atmospheric minimal rhythmic beats set her above the rest. And don’t go comparing Grimes to Kate Bush, she has stressed that she has never even listened to a single song of Bush’s.

The past two years has seen Grimes release a fair amount of music; debut Geidi Primes, which was original released on Arbutus to limited cassette stock and as a free download in 2010, was re-release as a CD format thanks to UK label No Pain in Pop last year. Grimes Halfaxa EP can only be described as experimental Witch-pop, with all the elements of dark, mysterious and atmospherics you’d expect, filled with ghostly vocals. Split 12” with D’eon Darkbloom EP standout K-Pop ‘Vanessa’ is just the above, but with better lyrics and production. The music video is quite the visual treat, Claire co-directed the 60$ video, which was spent on alcohol, she got her friends to dance for her, honestly, by far one of the best weirdest music videos of last year.

Within such a small amount of space Grimes musical grew; the production is better, the lyrics feel more emotive and Grimes has used her voice to the full, imagine what Grimes new album Visions will sound like? Having already declared that she wished Visions was her first release; Grimes has even gone as far as to say her other releases felt like ‘practise’. In the mean time, I for one cannot wait for Visions, Grimes ‘first’ real release. Simone F

Buzz: Melodic, hooky pop songs, that shall make the boys and girls cry gloom fever.

For Fans Of: Nite Jewel, Sleep Over and Zola Jesus.

Website: Myspace



Author: Simone

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