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Strictly New Bands (No.32): Theme Park

Theme Park

Hometown: London

Theme Park are one of London’s current hot bands with their funky electric guitars whistling through the keys to create an unshakable pure funk-pop. As recently as last year Theme Park went by another name of Ark People. Theme Park consist of twin brothers Miles and Marcus Haughton, they are both guitar and vocalists, Louis Bhose (formally known as  Flash Louis DJ) is on bass, and Oscar Manthorpe is also on guitar, with the occasional Bombay Bicycle Club member taking part during the band’s live sets.

Lead vocalist Miles has a voice similar to David Byrne, but not on the same level, but give it time and Theme Park could be on the same wave length, as they’ve drawn deep comparisons to the Talking Heads, but Theme Park sound is more summery and tame. With a name like Theme Park, you might picture a big squirming band playing with our emotions while we’re being strapped upside down, but Unforgettably Theme Park’s songs are loaded with tropical indie pop traits, mostly on big indie anthem-like ‘Milk’. A track which lets the David Byrne quotes slip into poptasic place. ‘Wax’ is a little more unbalanced, shooting the glam into old fashioned harmonies of gentleman wanting to dance, feel the youth, and embrace a lower toned manner.

Catch them live on Florence And The Machine’s next tour, lets hope they’ve improved live because they’re rather uncharismatic for an otherwise fun sounding band. Theme Park could learn a find or two on how to bring their charm on stage from Spector, who they are also supporting, and lets face it, stage confidence needs to be key for a band being critcally tipped. Simone F

Buzz: Theme Park have been recently been creating some sort of ‘suck on this’ buzz, with the lovely dovey charm of Bombay Bicyle Club. Theme Park sound like the best parts of Talking Heads being dragged into a bag of sunshine.

For Fans Of: Bombay Bicycle Club, Talking Heads and Vampire Weeekend



Author: Simone

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