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Strictly New Bands (No.30): The History Of Apple Pie

The History Of Apple Pie

Hometown: East London

The History Of Apple are a Fuzzy floppy noise-pop band. 2011 brought us Yuck who let’s face it got rave reviews pretty much everywhere. 2012 brings us The History Of Apple Pie who are taking over the vintage late 80′s nostalgia lo-fi rock sound. The band consist of Stephanie Min (vocals) James Thomas (drums) Jerome Watson (guitar) Kelly Lee (bass/backing vocals) and Aslam Ghauri (guitar).

The History Of Apple Pie debut single ‘You’re So Cool’ is actually not part of the era the rest of their sound derives from, ‘You’re So Cool’ resembles more melodic C86 than dreamy grunge. ┬áSecond release ‘Mallory’ is leaping with their signature lo-fi grunge sound, completely layered with guitars and harmonies. The band ┬áhave no plans for an album, they are going to commit to making a series of good singles first. Right on, The History Of Apple Pie have the correct and logical way to approach a new career, after all, why rush an album out?

Live The History Of Apple Pie used to lack stage confidence, by hiding behind their hair or lead vocalist Stephanie doing tiny side jumps, failing to completely own the stage; however the shy vulnerable attitude is quite gives HOAP a positive appeal. If you managed to catch The Drums in November you would have come across The History Of Apple Pie as a supporting acts, who are now a proper band, head banging and actually enjoying being part of a band, no more awkwardness, just lots of loud melodic noise. Simone F

Buzz: With the likes of Yuck buzzing The History Of Apple Pie up, what could go wrong? The most promising band out of East London this year.

For Fans Of: Yuck, Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine.



Author: Simone

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