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Strictly New Bands (No.21): DZ Deathrays

DZ Deathrays
Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

Duo DZ Deathrays are a Fruzzy post punk thrash band, making extremely loud trashy noise. Only two years ago Shane Parson (vocals) and Simon Ridley (drums) decided to start trashing up house parties with their sound; making people want to dance so much that drunken vomit started appearing out of nowhere. They are known to sweat people’s clothes off in the mist  of the riotous carnage their live shows.

DZ Deathrays were formally know as just DZ, but had to change the name due to a dubstep DJ under the same name. DZ Deathrays are still the same band, mixed up in a mad wave noise they have always been, blame the legal men. They have since released two EP’s ‘DZ Ruined My Life’ and  ‘Brutal Tapes’ both blending in ridiculous huge party beats smashed into loud booming guitars.

If DZ Deathrays are not enough to make you want to pour alcohol over your worn out t shirt at a party, I bless you, it is practically impossible to sit still whilst bleaching your teeth in shocking waves of lightening bulbs songs like ‘Gebbie Street,’ ‘Yeah’ and ‘Teeth’.

This year alone DZ Deathrays have played at Brighton Great Escape festival, NME Radar Tour and supported Foo Fighters, Bands Of Skulls, Biffy Clyro, Crystal Castles (twice), The Temper Trap, plus many more and their very own sold out tour in May this year. This created a huge wave of media interest across Radio One, XFM, Q Magazine and NME. Fair to say our press in the UK have been whoring them out more so than their hometown, I love the UK’s over hyped press wagon. Watch out for their début album next year, to be fair the UK have made it one of the anticipated albums of 2012. Simone F

Buzz: DZ Deathrays started at a house parties and will likely end at one (their words.) I hear Mark Ronson is even a fan, not sure how he would fade into the gritty indie, smelly venues in his flash suits slashing away to DZ Deathrays.

For Fans Of: Death from Above 1979, Warm Brains, Justice and plain old loud grit noise.

Website: Bandcamp & DZ Deathrays



Author: Simone

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