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Strictly New Bands (No.20) Is Tropical

Is Tropical
Hometown: London

Is Tropical are one of those trendy mysterious bands, like london’s own WU LYF, but not the WU LYF of London. Is Tropical perform their beaten lo-fi electro bass driven sound wearing veils over their faces, memorable sums Is Tropical up as almost nu-rave.

They have already toured with Klaxons, The Big Pink and The Mystery Jets in not only the UK, but also across Europe. Is Tropical still firmly want to play late night clubs with buzzing with horns, almost stealing the Klaxons throne. Of course the minute Klaxons won a Brit and became firm tabloid favourites, London was missing its nu-rave heroes, and out stepped Is Tropical playing at right venues and the right parties.

Is Tropical released debut album Native To on Kitsune in June this year, which created a a game of Chinese whispers as to just who is behind the pillow cases, sorry we mean veils. Of course the London regulars know their faces and names, but its our dirty little secret.

‘The Greeks’ provides the evocative guitars to rival The Big Pink with the tip of the whisper. The music video for ‘The Greeks’ reached a million hits in one week on YouTube, two million still counting. A few kids playing with toy guns and bombs, power the music video, but with animated effects, the street version of Bugsy Malone I say.

Sexual explicit ‘Lies’ music video sees sex, body exposures and naked time, in the most artily classy way possible. Just a warning if you are going to watch the music video you must be over 16, wait this the Internet, go ahead. ‘Lies’ is the ultimate pre-party song. Synth ridden ‘South Pacific’ has a melody that will leave you electric-fried (burning for more), not only is it heavy with key-bass but dreamy at the same time.  Simone F

Buzz: The underground stay underground Klaxons

For Fans Of : The Big Pink, Klaxons and Egyptian Hip Hop.



Author: Simone

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